The Author

Patrizia Bertini

I am Patrizia Bertini, a sociolinguist, passionate supporter of an inclusive Society, traveler, eternal learner, amateur photographer, journalist, UX & CX advocate, creative mind, critical thinker, inquisitive and curious spirit. Currently Principal Researcher at Intuit Inc., this is a random collection of experiments and thoughts on creativity, innovation, Customer and User experience, and of course, Lego Serious Play.

LegoViews is my original idea which I have developed and have been working on since 2011. All I do and publish here is done for pure passion, to understand the world and to learn. My research, writings and experiments are not supported or endorsed by anyone – no LEGO is not involved in my activities [see Acknowledgement].

 I am a Trained and certified facilitator in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method since April 2011, even if I have been studying and experimenting with the method since 2009 – my Master and inspirer has been, and is, Robert Rasmussen.

To learn more about myself, if you do not want to use Google, click on the following links:

  • My NEW Website ~ The complete collection of my experiences and articles – ranging from those for the London Progressive Journal to the academic stuff.
  • My LinkedIn Profile ~ Here you can read a complete list of my working experiences, articles, books, presentations, associations… If you like, let’s connect!
  • My slideshare account, with the most recent presentations.
  • My PhD ~ I’ve worked on a Phd about Data Quality and Privacy – until LSE keeps the page, up, you might be interested in a socio-constructivist approach to these themes.
  • Photography  ~ A hobby, a passion, a good way to look at the world from different angles and perspectives.
  •! ~ I read a lot, I enjoy discovering new articles, papers and stuff that I think are thought provoking (or funny). So, I like to share: knowledge is made to be shared, isn’t it? So, here’s where I share the most.
  • My profile on
  • Meet the #mex15 speaker: Patrizia Bertini by Marek Pawlowski

If you are considering to engage your organisation or your team in a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY based workshop, or would you like to promote your activities through a LEGO Interview, I can support you – all commercial information are available at

Contact: for any additional information or any request, feel free to get in touch!

The easiest way to reach me, is by email: patrizia _@_ [I guess you know how to adjust it, unless you are a robot… In that case… too bad!]


4 Comments to “The Author”

  1. Brava Patrizia!! Me piacce molto il tuo lavoro. Io abito a Montevideo, Uruguay e sono estata certificata LSP nel mese de giugno 2014 a Buenos Aires con Lucio Margulis. Io stó cominciando con i miei primi gruppi de LSP. Cari saluti. Graziella.

  2. I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. I look forward to following it.

  3. Thank you for having re-followed my blog … after me having “made my Comment” then when I did, I am happy to have you as a friend, I admire your work.

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