Measuring Digital Transformation

Many organisations think that spending and investing money into new technologies is enough to grant a successful Digital Transformation. Yet, despite the exponential increase in technology spending, only 1 in 8 companies are getting digital transformation right.
Why is that?

The first reason is the assumption that digital transformation requires massive investments in technology: while technology is an enabler and it certainly supports the transformation of the organisation, technology alone is far from being enough to ensure a successful transformation.

Transformation is firstly about change management and culture: unless the organisations choose and decide that the old operational models, a stagnant culture, and a status quo preservation policy are a threat to the present and future of the organisation itself, there is no magic potion or latest technology that would make digital transformation happen.

The real and key was to assess and measure digital transformation are people related metrics: KPIs that focus on the real asset organisations have – the employees and the customer.

No organisation would ever exist without people, because organisations are empty boxes unless they create dynamics and relationships that generate value for all actors involved – the customers and the employees.

When thinking about digital transformation organisations should think customer experience, CSAT, NPS, CES, employee turnover, ROII, efficiency, operational models, internal processes, customer relationships.

Because markets are conversations, and it has never been easier to have conversations with and about brands, giving customers a new power to discuss and determine the brands’ value. But at the same time, if brands engage in those conversations and empower employees by reviewing how those conversations are happening, where are they taking place, how the interaction is flowing, how both parts are feeling, the opportunities are massive.

Because digital transformation is about people.

It’s about creating value for people and filling the organisational box with value generating relationships that creates memorable, seamless, and straightforward customer experience through processes that empower employees to bring value into the overall relationship.
In order to fully understand how an organisation is doing in the area of Digital Transformation, this deck provides some insights and a set of KPIs to support organisations to assess how they are doing and what to improve to be one of the few companies that are successfully achieving the full potential of digital.



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