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LegoViews is a blog with research notes about experiments and random ideas based on or inspired by the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method.
LegoViews is an innovative investigative method which delves into reality through the use of LEGO bricks; it has been developed since 2009 by Patrizia Bertini based on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.
LegoViews are like interviews but the questions are answered through the use of the world famous LEGO bricks. Rather than simply talking, interviewees build their answers with colourful bricks and together we engage in a different and exciting journey. We literally construct together the interview, talking, playing an reflecting on the topics at hand. [Read more]

It might sound bizarre, until you don’t try.

It all started from a simple idea, using LEGO bricks as a social constructivist research method in academic research. And suddenly I’ve found myself on a journey.
Ever since, it was a constant experimentation, ranging from research to investigative journalism, TV, education and management. And the range of experimentation is still going on. From a simple interviewing technique, LegoViews, combined with several other disciplines, is becoming a powerful investigative method that reveals its huge maieutic potential and a highly educative value.
The initial experiments involved taking LSP and rather than using it as it is, change it and build on its theoretical foundation a method to really interview people and make them thinking, avoiding that they provide all the answers they already had in their minds. We all have scripts and ‘answers on the shelf’ ready to be said whether needed. I wanted to know what even the interviewee ignores to know. I wanted to engage the people I talk to in a journey.
It’s an evolution of the Socratic principle, which I always have found intriguing and exciting.
It turned out, that people engaging in the process discovered new connections: bricks let new ideas emerge, new relationships are revealed and the outcome is a surprise and a challenging journey.
After those initial experiments, a new interest and curiosity emerged: by capitalising on the constructive approach and the meaning making concepts, what if rather than using the method to reveal the potential of organisational groups, we use it as a new approach to education?
What if we see what university students think about a subject before they approach the literature, so that we tickle their curiosity, force them to think by playing and make them curious and willing to learn after they have thought of the subject by themselves? Having them started developing their own view, encouraging them to ask questions is now leading them to look for answers, confirmations and falsifications with a brand new critical eye.
And the experiments are going on…
Many people ask me if I do LSP workshops for organisations or if I can make a Lego Interview for their business and company. Yes, I do, and you can find all the answers and details on B4bricks.org.
Because hands know more than you know and can reveal more than you think.

My 2 bricks,


LegoViews’ presentation at the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY annual meeting in Billund (DK), April 2013:

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