This Page is meant to collect all the videos which tells – and show – the story of this blog and my experiments.

What is Information? And how can we deal with Propaganda? A thought provoking interview with Slavko Martinov, filmmaker.

An interview with Jean-Philippe  Tremblay, filmmaker: what is information? Information is everything!

The first part of a LEGO Interview with Ciro Pirondi, a Brazilian architect, director of the Escola da Cidade in São Paulo and friend and collaborator of Oscar Niemeyer.

The second part of a LEGO Interview with Ciro Pirondi, a Brazilian architect, director of the Escola da Cidade in São Paulo talking about Heritage, Architecture in the 21st century and Nature.

An interview with Milena Kaneva, filmmaker and Human Rights activist: The third eye and the politics of fear. Inspiring!
here’s the video of the interview…

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshop at Department of Architecture, University of Ferrara, November 27th 2012. Facilitator: Patrizia Bertini [], Course of Architectural Representation Tecniques (prof. Carlo Bughi), team work: Ahmedabad (lead by Pietro Massai). Short video presentation.

Francesca Valan is an Italian Industrial Designer, passionate about colour. She accepted to experience a LEGO Interview and talk about architecture and colours using the Bricks and the LEGO Interview (LegoView) method, also because of her very special relationship with LEGO… This is a preview, more to come, soon!

LEGO Interview by Patrizia Bertini. Filming and Editing: Gaetano Veninata and Daniela Sala.
Recorded on 31 December 2011, Dheisheh Refugee Camp. Interview transcript, click here.


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