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LegoViews & Patrizia in the media:

Past events

We have organised a Conference on March 23rd 2013 in Ferrara, where key players of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY community come to share their experience and their work in an inspiring event. You can find details of the event and the presentations by Robert Rasmussen, Per Kristiansen, Lucio Margulis, Carlo Bughi, Elena Merchiori, Stefano Tardini, Giuseppe Mincolelli and Marcello Balzani on this Page. The communication and the archive of the event are available here.

For more information about the author, Patrizia Bertini, this is the right page.

If you are considering to adopt LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in your organisation, if you would like to improve or build your team, clarify your strategy, vision, mission and find out more about what LSP can do for you and your business… Please, go to, where more information are available about the services and offers available.


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