Bricks’ Reviews

In this session, I’ll collect the press reviews, mentions and the attention LegoViews will get from media, LEGO advocates, journals, bloggers and anyone who has said anything about this experiment.

  • 07th October 2015: Moments of truth: CX Day in Legoland
  • 05th July 2015: Jews DownUnder: Could Lego Anti-israel activism go to Academia?
  • 16th April 2013: T3 GAZETTERobert Rasmussen on the LSP meeting in Billund.
  • 27th March 2013: La creativita’ seria dei LEGOFrancesco Pignatelli interviews Patrizia Bertini to explore the power of the bricks to enhance creativity. Interview in Italian.
  • 14th January 2012: The unbearable lightness of bricks: the Israeli hazard. Robert Rasmussen post on the official LSP facilitators’ blog.
  • 20th December 2011: T3 GAZETTE“Occupy Wall Street” with LSP!
  • 03th February 2012: T3 GAZETTECan I LEGOView you?

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