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Restauro, the trade fair for the Art of Restoration and Conservation of our Cultural and Environmental Heritage, is the first and most important Italian event dedicated to the art of restoration and the conservation of Italian artistic heritage taking place in Ferrara (Italy).

The 4 days are organised by the Department of Architecture at University of Ferrara together with LegoViews.

All the events are free and open to anyone who is interested in seeing how many potential the bricks have. The event includes:

2 LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshops:

  • Thursday March 21st 2013 [starts @ 9.30 am] is the perfect opportunity to come along and see LSP at work. The workshop will involve students from several universities and with different backgrounds [Management, Architecture, Design…] who will be called to think and reflect about Heritage. The LSP workshop will create a team from students who never met before and who will be asked to provide their vision, the vision of tomorrow’s stakeholders, on the values and key concepts of what is Heritage. The workshops will be hosted in the B4Box – the special box made with big Bricks, so that visitors can have a look and assist to the workshop. This is the perfect opportunities to see LSP’s full potential. 
  • Saturday March 23rd 2013 [Starts @ 9.30 am] this is a shorter workshop, almost a demo, that will involve key stakeholders and main international experts who will be called to think about Heritage and Inclusive design. Details to be Confirmed.


A number of LEGO based interviews done by Patrizia Bertini will be shown on screen. Moreover, in the B4Box live LegoViews will be performed during the event. Names and details to be confirmed.


On Saturday 23rd March 2013 [starts @ 2 pm] the main conference will take place. Meet the confirmed speakers >>

B4Brands & B4Books

This is a community lead space where relevant experiences in the field of Heritage, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and inclusive design are presented. This spaces are open on all the 4 days – if you have a case story, an experience or a project that combines Heritage, LEGO and Design for All, get in touch! Spaces and talks are available for free.

LEGO Architecture Exhibition

Thanks to a Partnership with LEGO Italia Spa, the event will host an exhibition of the LEGO Architecture models.

The Location

The Venue is Quartiere Fieristico di Ferrara Via della Fiera, 11  – 44100 FERRARA [ITALY]

The closest Airport is Bologna [BLQ]. From Bologna Airport it takes about 25/30 minutes by train to reach Ferrara. A free shuttle will then take you from the train station straight to the Venue.

Read the event detailed outline.

Press releases & more info

[Back to the event Home Page]


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