Experiencing Lego Serious Play like a speed dating!

In March 2015, I was challenged by Marek Pawlowsky from MEX to do something unique to inspire the UX designers’ community and to show them the potential of Lego Serious Play.

Marek is not a novice, being a participant into one of my past workshops, and the challenge was exciting enough for me to accept it!

The goal of the session was to inspire, entertain, make the audience curious, intrigue them, challenge their ordinary ways of thinking, introduce them to new ideas, theories and opportunities.

I’ve imagined how would a speed dating with LSP look like and this is what happened…! (more in the next page)

Patrizia Bertini demonstrates Lego Serious Play and considers creative methods for future experience design from Marek Pawlowski on Vimeo.

A speed dating is generally the opportunity for people to check if there’s an immediate alchemy between them, so I have tried to show what are the key elements of a Lego serious Play workshop: the fun, the engagement, the conversations, the challenges, the metaphors, the stories, the narratives, the empathy.

Rather than going for a mass workshop, I’ve decided to play with few, explain to most, act half as a presented, a little bit as a facilitator and as a documentarist at times – when explaining to the audience what my guinea pigs were doing, like documentarists do when explaining animals’ behaviour in the wild.

It was fun, and certainly worth repeating with some tweaks – but this is only for the braves: managing a workshop and a presentation requires a decent amount of craziness 🙂


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