The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitators’ meeting

Hands on! LSP Faciitators in an LSP workshop! [Photo by Lucio Margulis]

Hands on! LSP Facilitators in an LSP workshop! [Photo by Lucio Margulis]

Every year, when April comes, LSP facilitators know that a great inspiring event is in the air. It’s the annual LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators’ meeting, the most exciting event for those who practice and experience the power of LEGO bricks as a Facilitation tool. Every year an increasing number of facilitators gather in Billund, Denmark, the place where LEGO was born in 1934.

LSP is a tool which has been developed at the end of the ’90s at IMD in Switzerland based on the studies of Johan Roos and Bart Victor who introduced the “serious play” concept and process as a way to enable managers to describe, create and challenge the views of their business. The Serious Play approach was then further developed and brought into LEGO SERIOUS PLAY by Robert Rasmussen, who worked at LEGO at that time, and who is the main architect of the LSP methodology and one of the most inspiring and LSP enthusiast.

Ever since its first development, the method undergone a number of research and improvements and today it is a flexible and powerful consulting approach used in organisations to enhance innovation, team building, strategy and identity definition.

The underlying concepts of the method can be found in Seymur Papert constructionist theories and the power of imagination as a way to unleash meaning and to think strategically.

During the 2 days of the meeting a number of experienced and creative people came and presented their amazing applications and experiences with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as they are happening all around the globe.

In a true global perspective, Wang Lieng presented the challenges of adfopting LSP in China, while Lucio Margulis from Juego Serio presented the amazing experience called Mexico emprende where over 100 new LSP facilitators have been recently trained and certified. Mexico has played a large part during this meeting, also involving Alejandro Kantun who presented his Social entrepreneurship training experience.

Denise Meyerson, MCI educational Director from Sydney, Australia, inspired all participants with her involving speech filled with tips on how to make our LSP workshop shining! Denise also presented and shared ideas from her new book Better, Best Brilliant – your essential guide to sessions that shine full of useful suggestions for all facilitators. From the US, Jacqueline Lloyd-Smith presented cases of LSP in multi-stakeholder groups. But LSP’s potential is much more than that, and Gustav Anker Sørensen from Trivium (Denmark) presented how LSP can be applied to dry-runs. Laila Pawlak from Dare2, another Danish consulting company, shared her experience and various case studies about using LSP for focus groups. Gail Kulas, senior Manager at LEGO, updated the community on the support and new initiatives that LEGO will be adopt, collecting the needs and requests from all participants. And last, but certainly not least, as a pleasant cherry on the top, Jon Elejabeitia Director I+D+i  at Hune presented an enlightening research about high performing teams.

During these days there was a Hands-on time, where facilitators engaged all together in an LSP workshop to share more ideas and experiences and inspire each others.

There was also room for LegoViews, and Patrizia Bertini had the opportunity to present her research and work on applying LSP to individual journalistic interviews. You can have a look to the LegoViews’ presentation at the end of this post.

This is just a summary of the formal speeches, but much more went on during the coffee breaks, lunches, dinners and (long and fun) after-dinners. Inspiring talks and experiences where shared in a truly and genuine open and collaborative way among all participants. The values of sharing ideas to build new ones, the overall constructive approach through play and interaction that we, as facilitators, propose and bring to the world through the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method are truly rooted into all of us and the community that we are.

A big thank you to Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen, for spreading the power of LSP and building such an amazing community, and also to those who worked hard to organise and support this inspiring event.

…as we said… See you soon! In Billund next year, the latest!


2 Comments to “The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitators’ meeting”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing all the magic you lived at these 2 days. My husband and I are LSP Facilitators and we hope we can go next year and meet all of you. Greetings from México.

    • Glad you had a taste of those really inspiring days! The LSP community and LSP people are all amazing and great ones, it’ll be a pleasure to meet you in Billund next year… and in the meantime, very happy to virtually meet you and to be in touch 🙂

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