Summer Readings

Summertime has arrived and as it should be, it’s time for new readings and a little bit of relax. Therefore, activities will slightly slow down on the blog. As few might have noticed, some of the Lego interviews I did recently have been published as an exclusive on the London Progressive Journal and therefore, they do not appear here. So, here you are the Links to the articles and the videos that you might have missed 🙂

“Is there any truth in this model?” I ask.

“Well, what it’s truth?” he says. “The truth is that this block here is red”, he says showing me a red brick. “We can say that it is true that this is red but that’s on a very simple kind of level. You can get into it more specifically and more philosophically about what is red. Many different people in the world may describe this as ‘not red’ because this is red as well” he says pointing at another transparent red brick. “But it’s a different kind of red” he adds. “So I think it’s important to really be aware and to actually take time: if you want to learn about information, and possibly truth, you need time to communicate with a lot of different people with different perspectives. Then you might get close to the truth and get some interesting responses too”. [J.P. Tremblay]

The first part of the Interview, where Jean-Philippe talks about filmmaking, is available here.

“My goal is that you see it and ask who is making it, who is it? Who’s selling this to you, or telling you something or try to influence you… And then, piece by piece, you start taking it apart, looking at it, asking questions, talking to each other… Why I am being told this? Who benefits… sometimes it’s not easy to take it apart… and you use the word, propaganda, not public relations, not informational diplomacy or advertising or marketing… Propaganda, because that’s one construct. Taking apart what you are sold, information, is the antidote to propaganda: you take everything apart, and start asking questions about it… that’s the antidote.” [S. Martinov]

The first part of his interview, questioning what is filmmaking in Slavko Martinov’s view, is available on Legoviews. And Martinov’s reflections on information are published here.

More videos about what culture is and more, will follow shortly.


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