LSP Facilitator Training in Italy!



For the first time, the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator training lands in Italy. The training will be held by Robert Rasmussen on 25-28 March 2014 and the location is Milano, next to Loreto Tube Station. To get the information Pack or to know more, please, get in touch!

The 4 days’ training will introduce participants to the secrets and magic of LSP. The Objectives of the course are the following:

  • 1)  To experience and learn the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology and its standard applications, Real Time Strategy for the Enterprise and Real Time Strategy for the Team 
    • a)  Deeper insight into the Core Process and the Seven Application Techniques
    • b)  An understanding of the relationship between the methodology and the standard applications
    • c)  Experience workshops as end-user participant 
  • 2)  To learn about and experience the theories underpinning the methodology 
    • a)  Introduction to the theoretical concepts and using the method to demonstrate them
    • b)  Learn about user experiences
    • c)  Insight into critical parts of the methodology and applications (including what is flexible and what is
  • 3)  To gain the knowledge needed to effectively develop and facilitate workshops using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY 
    • a)  Become a proficient LEGO builder
    • b)  Heed the different styles of facilitation needed
    • c)  Recognize and reflect on the artificial nature of training situation
  • 4)  To practice designing and preparing customized applications of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology. 
    • a)  Design and facilitate a segment of workshop with trainer and peer feedback 
    • b)  Appreciate the practicalities of using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY 
    • c)  Become familiar with the Facilitator Manual  

The course  will be in English, but Italian translation will be provided to allow those who do not feel comfortable enough to follow a full course in English.

To learn more about LSP’s potential and applications, you can visit

And remember: for those who subscribe before January 15th, there’s a 10% discount!


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